RockTops Innovator Anchors Next Startup in Albuquerque

by Jeannie Oliver

Albuquerque’s Randy Asselin is making a name for himself as an innovator, with simple products aimed to elicit “why didn’t I think of that” from aspiring entrepreneurs. Asselin’s next startup, RockTops Digital Media, aims to build a national platform that simplifies apps for both users and the brands seeking them.

Asselin’s new company has created a mobile device brand-viewer and analytics tool called Bubandu. He likens it to a PDF viewer for brands, citing the example of a company that has multiple brands for products such as detergent, soap and body wash. Bubandu allows users to download all the information available about those products by simply scanning the container with a smart phone.

Asselin said the app works on both Android and iOS devices.

Rocktops, Asselin’s first enterprise, is still a growing company making inroads into the snack food industry. RockTops manufactures food trays that can be mounted atop a drink cup. Anchored with a straw, the product makes it easier for a customer to carry a drink plus another item—say a hotdog or a tray of nachos—in one hand and thereby increases sales for food vendors at movie theaters, sporting events and concerts.

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John Heitkemper

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