RockTops Expanding Into Digital Media

By Dan Mayfield
Reporter- Albuquerque Business First

RockTops founder Randy Asselin is launching a new startup, RockTops Digital Media, which is aiming to build a national platform that simplifies the app space.

“People under 35 are not buying computers. They are only getting mobile devices,” Asselin said Friday. “And 93 percent of companies do not have an app. The majority would never build one, but they should have amazing functionality on a mobile device.”

Asselin’s new company has created a mobile device brand-viewer and analytics tool called Bubandu. He likens it to a PDF viewer for brands.

“Take a manufacturer that has multiple brands, like detergents and soaps, and body washes. Nobody would carry all those apps in their phones,” Asselin said. “But you can see them all in Bubandu.”

So, instead of downloading apps that give you all the information you could ever want on Tide, Cheer and Coors Lite, you can download one that shows you everything about them all when you scan a bottle. Bubandu can read bar codes, QR codes and more, and then give a user a specific brand experience via customized content on their phone.

The new viewer works on Android and iOS devices, Asselin said.

RockTops, which manufactures drink tops that can also hold food trays, is still a growing company, he added. The company recently named Kevin Lorms as the new president.

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John Heitkemper

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