How RockTops Work

As technologically advanced as recyclable plastic gets.

RockTops make it easier for people to eat on the go and at events. Our patented food trays can sit on drinking cups, anchored to the straw, enabling consumers to hold their beverage and food with one hand. That’s how RockTops give people an extra hand — a “third hand” that makes mobility fun, enables sales, allows them to carry more food and eat more comfortably. It’s a convenience solution unlike anything else you’ve seen.

Our exclusive StrawLock technology firmly holds snacks in place atop fountain drinks of all sizes. RockTops food trays work like other trays. You can hold them in your hand, put them on your lap or balance them on your nose while attempting to manage your other items. When you are ready to have a third hand, simply place the tray on your cup around the straw and your snack will be balanced, secure and feel like it was made to be there all along.


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