A Convenience Solution

The 3rd hand: no radioactive mutation required.

The simplest ideas are usually the best. The more snacks a person can carry, the more they will buy, the more your per cap sales increase. RockTops are perfect for holding snacks like nuts, candy, nachos, french fries or even ice cream.

How will RockTops rock your bottom line?

1. RockTops increase the per cap spend.

  • RockTops trays sit on top of drinking cups freeing up the customer’s hand to carry one or two additional food items. Simply suggest a food item for the extra hand and watch the per cap spend dramatically increase.
  • RockTops provides concession workers with online training tools and concessions signage to create a “third hand purchase” atmosphere.
  • People like using RockTops, especially kids. RockTops are fun and novel, leading people to buy food simply to use the novelty. Much like a souvenir cup, without the high wholesale cost of the souvenir cup.

2. RockTops create across-the-menu combo meals.

  • RockTops vessels make it easy to create accountable combo meals that include hot dogs, nachos, chicken strips, french fries and other foods.
  • RockTops allow for a combo and one. People who have never had a hand for popcorn or cotton candy as a third item now do.
  • RockTops combos increase the per cap spend by making it easy and quick for the customer to make a multiple item buying decision, get their food and go back to the event.

3. RockTops increase profits by increasing yields.

  • RockTops trays and bowls come in industry standard sizes. Because of the design, operators get slightly more unit servings from their current wholesale bulk product. Example: a traditional 5X6 nacho tray may yield 9, $4 servings per bag of chips. RockTops 5X6 trays may yield 10 servings, resulting in additional $4 revenue per bag-dramatically increasing profit per bulk bag.
  • Increased yields also means more unit sales and associated revenue.
  • This benefit is derived out of current inventory levels. There is no need to buy more product to receive the additional yields.

4. RockTops provide a way for operators to increase revenue and profits between annual menu review periods.

  • Operators are often locked into menu pricing agreements with the host venue. Operators absorb wholesale food and container price increases that may fluctuate. Increased yields and combo meals are a tremendous benefit to operators locked down in menu pricing contracts.
  • New menu items are typically not subject to menu pricing agreements. RockTops are perfect vessels for introducing new menu items such as salty snacks, confections, etc.

5. RockTops increase consumer satisfaction.

  • Multi-tasking, busy consumers want choice and convenience.
  • RockTops give the customer a third hand.
  • A free hand = More snack sales.